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The New School is now handling all scheduling and programming activities for ChannelAlbany.

Drop off, forms, and submission procedures continue as always, however the ChannelAlbany telephone number (518) 227-0283 will connect you to the school.

Schedule questions or playback problems should be directed to

How do I get a program/ show on ChannelAlbany?

Currently ChannelAlbany is accepting non-commercial videos of all lengths (under 2 hours) and genres (documentary, animation, narrative, experimental, PSA) by area independent filmmakers and local organizations who are residents of the City of Albany.

Register to become a producer online or download a program submission form or pick one up at a Drop Off location.

How do I sponsor a program/show produced outside Albany?

To a *limited degree, programs from out of the area can be "sponsored" by Albany residents with the permission of the producer. A resident who becomes a ChannelAlbany producer and wishes to sponsor a program can submit it on dvd along with the submission form. Sponsors take FULL responsibility for program content and have the same liability the original producer.

* scheduling priority always goes to programs that are locally produced and contain significant local content  

How will my program be scheduled?

ChannelAlbany staff schedule each program in a time slot that is appropriate for its content and likely audience. In the interest of ensuring diversity of programming and equitable distribution of channel time, submissions from a single program provider shall not include more than one non-local Series.

Open time slots are allocated on a first come, first serve basis - at the sole discretion of ChannelAlbany staff.

Can I have a “regular” time-slot?

Yes, program SERIES can have a regularly scheduled time so that viewers can anticipate and find the next program episode easily.

A series consists of at least four new programs with a consistent theme and/or format. A series timeslot can be either half an hour or if necessary, an hour. To meet the requirements of series programming, at least one new episode per month must be submitted.

Program providers will be notified of their timeslots the first time the program is broadcast on ChannelAlbany.

ChannelAlbany reserves the right to pre-empt all programs for live or special event coverage.

Do you broadcast in High Definition?

No, ChannelAlbany’s signal is Standard Definition in order to be compatible with the greatest number of TV sets as possible. Channel 18, on Time Warner Cable, is available to ALL subscribers as a basic tier service.

How do I submit my program/show?

Shows should be submitted on Standard Definition (NTSC) DVD disc that plays upon insertion in a north american DVD player with no chapters, menu, color bars or countdown, and no black at the beginning or end.

Shows can be submitted in MPEG 2 format. (MPEG 2 settings are available by request) on disc or thumb drive also (NO MEDIA or DRIVES are RETURNED!)

Programs can be dropped off or mailed to the locations listed above. Each program must be accompanied by a program submission form.

Discs and other submitted materials are NOT returned. Please do not submit program masters - original media is discarded after initial playback

Can I submit my program in other video formats or via the internet or other electronic means?

The nature of ChannelAlbany’s cable broadcast technology requires a specific format for video playback. Staff is generally not able to spend the time converting or transcoding from the myriad of file formats and resolutions to the one that will reliably play on our system. That said, we are always looking at technology that will streamline the program submission process and hope to add other options for submission in the future

How can my show be publicized?

Program schedules and other information is published on the website

Producers or program sponsors are encouraged to consult ChannelAlbany staff for guidance in preparing short promotional spots or utilizing other avenues for publicizing their program such as social networking.

Can I get financial sponsorship for my program?

All programs shown on ChannelAlbany must be non-commercial. No call to action to purchase goods or services is permitted. Members may not require compensation from individuals in exchange for appearing on a public access channel. Furthermore, channel time may not be bartered or sold.

Program Credits for Contribution of Goods & Services

Programs may contain credit for individuals, businesses or other organizations that have

contributed goods, services or funding used in the program production. Credits may not contain any advertising information. The following guidelines apply to all credits for contributors:

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